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Who We Help

Building Your Foundation

(establishing your strategic business short and Medium-term objectives)

Finding New Clients

(how we generate new customers including early adopters of the proposed technology)

Developing Client Relationships

(how we create a working relationship for and behalf of clients, especially New Market Entrants)

How we help Clients

(how we use a work programme to the mutual benefit of the solutions providers and achieve continuing value for the Client)

Developing Digital Tools & Platforms

(supporting clients through the life cycle of the Client Programme)

Our Expertise in Helping You

(continually enhancing and developing the Client experience and offering value through 35 years of Business Transformation and Digital Business Transformation)

Who Modus Consulting Helps

We are often asked who we help. Modus Consulting works with clients across a wide cross section of sectors but has specific in-depth knowledge and experience of the Financial Services Market.

Our extensive knowledge, experience and skill-sets mean that we are able to help any client in any sector to dramatically increase the number of targeted highly qualified enquiries.

Your Business Issues

Typically we are making significant performance improvements in businesses who are suffering from a number or all of the following issues:

  • Sales targets that are regularly missed.
  • Not enough ‘Qualified Leads’ (enquiries from potential customers who are not the right fit for their products or services), i.e. either the product or service is unsuitable, too expensive or the timing is wrong.
  • Struggling to sell a ‘High Ticket,’ (top price), product or service against low price competition or selling in a crowded market place.
  • Sales people are speaking to the wrong individuals or not all of the decision makers are being involved.
  • Poor marketing materials i.e. out of date or dull branding, lots of material that explain products or services in a technical manner, poor or nonexistent online marketing materials.
  • Online presence is poor or inappropriate; e.g. website is out of date, lacks video content, does not meet the latest demanding search engine requirements, (not set up for mobile devices or runs slowly).
  • Businesses are not making the best use of data, mismanaging data or are at significant risk of being fined under latest data legislations. For instance, if your systems do not comply with GDPR regulations, the result is a fine which is calculated as the value of 4% of a company or organisations Global Sales. For a City Financial Services company, this could result in business failure! These institutions will be targeted by the regulator but many have old technology dealing rooms, telephony and computer systems that are unable to record, integrate, store and track data that complies with GDPR rigorous regulations. But GDPR also applies to any business or organisation.

We Help Businesses or Organisations Like Yours

We help businesses and organisations in every sector to maximise sales, profitability, improve efficiency and benefit from robust systems and procedures.

So if any of this sounds familiar then contact us to learn more. We offer a free no obligation meeting and diagnostic report.