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Our Customers

Building Your Foundation

(establishing your strategic business short and Medium-term objectives)

Finding New Clients

(how we generate new customers including early adopters of the proposed technology)

Developing Client Relationships

(how we create a working relationship for and behalf of clients, especially New Market Entrants)

How we help Clients

(how we use a work programme to the mutual benefit of the solutions providers and achieve continuing value for the Client)

Developing Digital Tools & Platforms

(supporting clients through the life cycle of the Client Programme)

Our Expertise in Helping You

(continually enhancing and developing the Client experience and offering value through 35 years of Business Transformation and Digital Business Transformation)

At Modus Consulting our customers cover a wide range of market sectors. Our team’s experience covers customers from every conceivable sector and includes specialism’s in providing services to the Financial Services, Insurance and the Emergency, (Blue Light) Sectors.

We have worked with clients in Banking Services especially major tier 1 and Tier 2 Banks.

This work has included not only the consultancy element but the highly technical and independently objective sourcing of equipment. We have helped clients by building large “turn key” migration programs that are delivered on time and on budget with minimal client risk. Part of this work is specialising in helping customers with legacy business migration on and around the trading floor and in dealing rooms.

Long gone are the days when head traders and Chief Technical Officers could make a sure bet on one of the big three traditional Equipment vendors, (BT, IPC and Etrali). Remember when it was said ‘No One Ever Got Fired for Choosing IBM.’ The revolution has begun and we’re now seeing credible “soft platforms” from informed and thought leading young Fintech companies.

We are working with a number of companies with cutting edge solutions who are new market entrants with technology that is able to evolve and adapt with agility to a rapidly changing global market to the business environmental changes i.e. Legislation such as GDPR.

But this need to cope with constant change is also a common environment for businesses in every sector, ‘the only constant is change,’ be it new competition or ‘disruptive technologies.’

On a daily basis, we are helping clients to reimagine their business, evolving both Brands, Services and Products and then creating new sales and marketing processes, techniques & tactics and of course marketing platforms and materials including digital collateral. We will often even operate as a virtual telesales and marketing team.